I drew ghostboo I know it doesn't look like the skin but I'm bad at drawing guys so he kinda stole ghostbur style

2021.11.29 07:55 thedragonofdoom I drew ghostboo I know it doesn't look like the skin but I'm bad at drawing guys so he kinda stole ghostbur style

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2021.11.29 07:55 LordHughRAdumbass (((🐉))) The Flippening: Once seen, no matter how obscene, it can never be unseen. #NoEscape #DateAndTimeEstimatesMayVary #LetTheChildrenKnow #LetTheChildrenGo #ItsTime

(((🐉))) The Flippening: Once seen, no matter how obscene, it can never be unseen. #NoEscape #DateAndTimeEstimatesMayVary #LetTheChildrenKnow #LetTheChildrenGo #ItsTime submitted by LordHughRAdumbass to xrmed [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 07:55 Torgan The Leaping Hare & I Shall Wear Midnight

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2021.11.29 07:55 SF9ers85 Pros : Elite Dual Threat QB Cons : Troy University Sun Belt Conference 😕

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2021.11.29 07:54 Ok_Quality416 WAR BETWEEN WORLDS(MY ORIGINAL DESIGNS)

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2021.11.29 07:54 Dat_Boi_Daddy Is that a Jojo reference

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2021.11.29 07:54 CrackHeadPoet I realized Im rich, when I noticed that none of my classmates pay kidnaping insurance.

And that they dont have maids or personal drivers.
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2021.11.29 07:54 Key-Contribution-874 Have some faith.

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2021.11.29 07:54 IAMA_Lucario_AMA [H] Puzzle Quest 2 [W] Offers, Advice

I've been getting steam friend requests and phishing attempts for a long time now, and I literally had no idea why. I thought I had nothing valuable in my inventory (and I don't, aside from, apparently, this one game)

Recently I accepted a friend request from someone thinking it was an old friend, only to get a $150 / 120 key offer for my copy of... puzzle quest 2.

They do not appear to be a scammer, and the rules on the sidebar of this subreddit have been very helpful to avoid getting scammed! But after googling for the game (and checking the recommended sites in the sidebar,) it looks like the only sites with it available want $1000+ for it.

I assume these are inflated prices, but I figured I'd open myself up to offers on here anyway before accepting the one from the dude offering me 150.

I like RPGs, rhythm games, stuff like Dark Souls, and rougelikes, if that's helpful for offers. Also very interested in Forza Horizon 5. Other than that I'm absolutely clueless, and, if I'm being honest, haven't played a game on steam in a very long time.

I mostly just want this game out of my inventory so I stop getting friend requests and phishing attempts, without getting ripped off.

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2021.11.29 07:54 glugul Humans and the worm people are very close friends

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2021.11.29 07:54 Immediate-Solid-8694 Is there a way to disable trans people from showing up for me on Tinder?

I am just not interested in them and they show up very frequently.It ends happening that we both lose a ton of time talking until she reveals he/she is trans and I feel like it would be more productive for evwryine if there was a way to change this.
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2021.11.29 07:54 FenoXM I have been looking foward to get this skin in bp as I'm not a grinder myself but im disappointed with the bug which is my favourite as val gun,this bug applied to strike foregrip,tac foregrip and my almighty piranha foregrip.

I have been looking foward to get this skin in bp as I'm not a grinder myself but im disappointed with the bug which is my favourite as val gun,this bug applied to strike foregrip,tac foregrip and my almighty piranha foregrip. submitted by FenoXM to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 07:54 NFTonezone Imagine you invented the color "red" and applied a patent - and now every time someone uses "red"; you get paid.

Simplified; that's the basic idea behind NFTONE. Mint your color in phase I -> earn passive money from the beginning of phase II just by holding. Everytime we sell anything after phase I is closed, you'll get a participation/payout in ETH depending on how often your color is used in the sold artwork/item. Of course you can sell or trade your color instantly after phase I is closed to gain the 0,06 ETH per color, but we definetly wouldn't recommend if you are interested in passive earnings.
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2021.11.29 07:54 silentnighttrain Shout out in Super Crooks for the Baron?

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2021.11.29 07:54 studwildboar99 Blessed_Cosplay

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2021.11.29 07:54 khastee any cloze question deck for Anatomy or Physiology?

I couldn't find any appropriate deck as my professor uses textbooks such as Guython physiology and Snell clinical anatomy as course references.
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2021.11.29 07:54 dwigtschrutebbbg Napalm Ring Question

Hey! I've got the napalm ring equipped because im trying to complete the monster killing reward for the mummies, but when I 'slay' the mummy, theres no explosion. Theres also no explosion for serpents. Is something wrong here?
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2021.11.29 07:54 marnice6 Good morning everyone, I know it’s peak, and it’s gonna be hard one some of us. Just remember keep god first and it doesn’t matter what you be leave in around me. As a pastor’s son everyone don’t let ppl get under your skin.

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2021.11.29 07:54 EggseLIsLostHelp Thats really cool bee man

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2021.11.29 07:54 DisenchantedContent GOOD, GLAD, GAIN and LAND

I’ve seen GAIN quite a bit and I’d feel comfortable investing here, but I don’t know much of the others yet. Really there are four Gladstone companies for those who don’t know. They trade under market tickets GOOD, GLAD, GAIN and LAND of course, like the title says.
I guess it’s a family of companies, but are they all managed together? Does it make sense to invest in multiple Gladstone companies? If one takes a hit do the others?
I see a lot of people say they’re happy with GAIN and occasionally I hear about GLAD. What are your experiences?
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2021.11.29 07:54 WHERE_R_THE_TURTLES I had a few sneezes, I know why these pups make great therapy dogs

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2021.11.29 07:54 rajeevbedi Who warns omicron very high risk major points

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2021.11.29 07:54 fulham1998 The one way I think hll is better on console.

So firstly I only play on console. I would love to give PC a go but getting the money for a decent setup isn't something I feel like is a priority.
The PC version of this game is clearly ahead of the console version in features, community and probably looks better as well but the one way I think the game is better on Console is the shooting. Now I can hear people already saying that mouse and keyboard is so much better than controller and you're right its better but that why I love controller. For me the fact that I struggle with my shots and the aiming can feel clunky makes the game more immersive. From a lot (not all) of the PC gameplay I've seen online, the players often move their gun very quickly and accurately onto their target. I know this takes skill but to me it makes the gameplay look a little strange. A lot of these guns were quite heavy and the way some players twitch just breaks immersion for me. I like the fact that often ill struggle to make shots because realistically if I was ever in a war I don't think I'd be able to hit a barn door as I'd be shaking so much. Would be interesting to hear what people who have played both think as I could be completely wrong it's just a bit of an observation I've made.
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2021.11.29 07:54 No_Okra5919 Forced Secret Santa is complete BS

Honestly all forced socialization is complete bull shit.
A coworker who’s fairly new is desperate to be promoted so instead of working better she tried to organize games. Legit on Halloween we had to play games with other coworkers. Which were so awkward and I honestly felt humiliated. Wrapping toilet paper around other people and dancing.
Now again for Christmas she wants to organize a secret Santa but without any names just random gifts distributed on the day to whoever brings a gift. And whoever doesn’t bring one gets nothing and when I asked what happens to the extra gifts. Apparently we can just get rid of them or take them back.
Idk but it’s so fucking annoying that we have to play games with coworkers. Then we have to go and get gifts and spend without even having a name to buy for so we have to get a unisex gift or whatever. So that it can be given to anyone.
I really want to troll them but unfortunately I guess I don’t want to be fired.
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2021.11.29 07:54 Trader-One Software pianos (VST) - informative post

Short post about software VST pianos. To use them you need to connect keyboard to computer using MIDI (DIN or USB cable) and have DAW. Some pianos come with stand alone player but having DAW is highly recommended because you can use external effects VSTs. Premium software pianos with good additional effects can beat sound wise most expensive digital pianos.
Every piano has some built-in effects like reverb but they are low quality and better to download dedicated effects VST, some of them are free and still comparable quality to commercial effect VSTs. Effects are very important they can change sound a lot. Basic effect chain is compressor, reverb, EQ, limiter.
To play piano in DAW (Reaper is best because its fastest and you do not need any DAW features other then setup plugin chain on track) you need to add MIDI track, then add VST instrument and then VST effects you like. Then you need to arm track for recording (red dot) and set monitoring on (Speaker icon).
Lets start from from free ones comparable to cheaper pianos:

  1. https://neovst.com/piano-one/
  2. https://www.meldaproduction.com/MonasteryGrand (3 mics to choose from)
You can find lot of other free pianos but these 2 are above average free piano. Must have both.
Cheap and small VST Pianos
  1. https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_keys - Very extensive sound modification capabilities for product in this price range. This product is loved and it regularly gets into top software piano list at least as honourable mention. Pianos are small - about 1GB size, sampled with multiple mics and you can change and mix mics to get different sound.
  2. https://www.toontrack.com/ezkeys-line/#instruments - Lot of instruments to choose from, just very basic sound modification capabilities, some song writing tools.
  3. Both companies are drum makers and because of that they sample pianos as they are and not digitally enhancing it to sound better like other more expensive piano vendors do. For me this is very important. You can buy Yamaha U3 from XLN Audio and it sounds like real one, while getting Yamaha U3 sound set in Yamaha digital piano sounds nicer then real one. Most piano vendors (and almost all pipe organ stuff) enhance instrument to sound as close to perfection as possible. Real instruments do not have that level of perfection.
  4. https://e-instruments.com/instruments/pianos/session-keys-grand-s/ - This one is on cheaper end but with above average sound comparable to pianos in next price category. No fancy piano stuff found in more expensive ones is emulated.
  5. https://www.uvi.net/en/pianos-keyboards/model-d.html - Smallest good sounding piano. If you are very tight on free diskspace, this one will do the good work.
Still quite cheap but more demanding on CPU and RAM.
Here comes all Native Instruments stuff.
  1. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/definitive-piano-collection/ - (Gentleman, Maverick, Grandeur) This one most people get as part of Komplete bundle. Pianos are not much loved by sound producers, they are considered as place holders for your piano before you get something better. In mix you do not need to have perfect piano, so there ones will do the job. You can listen to demos and buy them as pianist if you like them but music producers avoid using them in songs if they can. They are quite big, I deleted them but I think they around 30 GB.
  2. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/alicias-keys/ - This one is most loved by producers. Pianist playing exclusively classical pieces might have different opinion but it fits very nicely in today music. If you buy only one piano from Native Instruments it should be this.
  3. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/una-corda/ - This one is loved for its distinct sound. These pianos are very rare in the world, so you have chance to try them as VST.
  4. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/the-giant/ - This one is more loved by pianists then by music producers. If you are advanced pianist who mastered playing with dynamic then this piano is very sensitive to it and you can experiment with it.
  5. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/noire/ - This one is unique because its not recorded in studio but in concert hall. Instead of using computer generated reverb you have real one. Its very good for playing slower songs.
We are getting more expensive
  1. https://www.modartt.com/pianoteq_stage - Entry level of excellent pianoteq piano engine. You get 2 pianos and ability to download lot of historical instruments. There is no extensive sound tweaking Pianoteq is known for but you will still get one of best piano engines and if you like historical instruments then its very good deal.
  2. https://www.vilabsaudio.com/Ravenscroft-By-VI-Labs This one is really good piano. Its best piano you can get for iPad. It is for PC too. It has complete pedal control, emulates advanced piano features and sounds really nice. One of top sounding software pianos for sure.
You can still pay more for software piano
  1. https://www.spectrasonics.net/products/keyscape/ You get impressive collection of above average sounding keyboard instruments. Get this if you feel that one keyboard instrument is not enough. You get 3 good pianos, rest of collection is (sadly) historical stuff like electric pianos. Same set of instruments which you get with entry Pianoteq as free downloads. Do these 3 pianos we are interested in most sound good? Yes, they decent and generally loved between pianists.
  2. https://www.garritan.com/products/cfx-concert-grand-virtual-piano/features-benefits/ - This one is very big piano (over 120GB). It has lot of velocity layers and mics to choose from. Get it if you are willing to commit quite large disk space and you feel that you need lot of microphones to tweak final sound. While sound is decent, I do not consider it to be superb quality piano. But price is not top end either. Playing with mixing mics and some additional effects is nice, it can change sound a lot - we can say that you can mix any sound you wish.
  3. https://synthogy.com/index.php/products/software-products/ivory-2-grand-pianos - Synthogy Ivory pianos are top sounding stuff. They have half pedalling, string resonance and lid position.
  4. https://www.soundsonline.com/pianos - Nice collection of pianos. As you can expect in this price category, fancy piano features are emulated.
  5. https://www.vilabsaudio.com/truekeyspianos - Another advanced piano software, sampled with 3 mics.
Top end piano stuff
  1. https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Keyboards_Complete/Vienna_Imperial - One of top end pianos with price is similar to previous category. Piano with most sampled velocity layers. Do you have high end hammer action keyboard? If yes, consider this one.
  2. https://www.modartt.com/pianoteq_pro - Top end piano with lot of parameters to tweak. Only thing I hear from people that this simply sounds so perfect that it is unnatural. You can change tuning of each key so you can slightly detune it and change other parameters as well.
Honourable mentions
  1. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/originals-mrs-mills-piano/ - Do you like playing Beatles songs? Get real Beatles piano. Its just 30 EURO and you will enjoy it. Must buy.
  2. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/scarbee-clavinetpianet/ - Its Clavinet, you can occasionally use it. Not something what you will use every day, probably once per month but its cheap so why not.
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