100%OFF | The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

2022.01.29 10:49 UdemyCouponsMe 100%OFF | The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

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2022.01.29 10:48 hafsa_yafeaa Beautiful woman in soctara island

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2022.01.29 10:48 Offres شاهد.. تحطم طائرة تابعة للبحرية الأمريكية في بحر الصين الجنوبي (فيديو)

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2022.01.29 10:48 Yapoorha H: AAESteath fixer Jug50hc25ap fixer ExeE250drwr mini AAE250DRWR HM B50bashstealth mini F25ffr25ap HM Q50Limb15vf fixer J25ffr25ap fixer W: legacy will bundle and courier will be used

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2022.01.29 10:48 kkushal429 selling steam account

My Steam Profile: https://steamdb.info/calculato76561199022723214/?cc=in

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2022.01.29 10:48 Bartjanus My friend sent me a custom champion design he made over discord. What do you think?

  1. [2:40 PM]why isnt there a bat champion in league
  2. [2:40 PM]how sick would that be
  3. [2:40 PM]invis and echo location
  4. [2:40 PM]this what u do
  5. [2:40 PM]remove reksai
  6. [2:40 PM]steal her burrowed passive
  7. [2:41 PM]give it to bat champ
  8. [2:41 PM]give him quin flying permanently
  9. [2:41 PM]including her stomp ability
  10. [2:41 PM]so we rework her to copy her old ability
  11. [2:41 PM]we make her into support
  12. [2:41 PM]bat champ also has yone passive
  13. [2:41 PM]double crit
  14. [2:41 PM]so we remove yone from game
  15. [2:41 PM]retcon his lore saying he got leukemia and died
  16. [2:42 PM]then bat champ also gets sylas and viego ult in one
  17. [2:42 PM]so we remove them 2 and say they moved to dota 2
  18. [2:42 PM]then make it ap and ad mixed
  19. [2:42 PM]so he can use crown
  20. [2:42 PM]and muramana
  21. [2:42 PM]also his Q is malphite ult
  22. [2:42 PM]so we remove him too
  23. [2:43 PM]tell league fans he turned into stone bc he looked at cass
  24. [2:43 PM]so we take cass's poison
  25. [2:43 PM]and add to bat's auto attacks
  26. [2:43 PM]so we remove cass
  27. [2:43 PM]say she became a greek myth
  28. [2:43 PM]so we take the greek mythology
  29. [2:44 PM]and commercialize it for riot
  30. [2:44 PM]and for that we need to get rid of greece
  31. [2:44 PM]so we move the island to africa
  32. [2:44 PM]within a year or 2 they will all die from aids bc africans
  33. [2:44 PM]and former greece will become shadow isles
  34. [2:44 PM]it all fits together
  35. [2:45 PM]
Message u/anton
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2022.01.29 10:48 BrunoofBrazil Se vc tivesse a oportunidade ou fosse da elite do Leblon, vc deixaria o Brasil?

View Poll
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2022.01.29 10:48 thenorthstand A cagey opening 15 minutes between Beith and Talbot today.

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2022.01.29 10:48 SiD_-_-_ Well...

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2022.01.29 10:48 wynhatesu how common is it to marry into royal (x/10) is it possible??

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2022.01.29 10:48 bigapan Sur la route d'Orny / VD - Photo © 2022 - Gabriel Schwarb

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2022.01.29 10:48 74567843687 Where do successful people meet their hot partners/spouses anyway?

Whenever I browse through the society pages or even just IG, it's fairly common to see successful people have very hot partners or spouses. I'm not talking about partners like the cute server at your local Denny's. Many are really just drop dead hot borderline-models, people you don't even see when you're going about your day.
Where do successful people even meet these people? Surely these aren't people you just automatically meet at the Mercedes showroom or a convention for private bankers. Even successful people can lead very boring and monotonous daily lives.
Makes you wonder if rich people have their own VIP-version of Bumble, or they have some sort of regular exclusive party. A voice in my head says many are just former escorts who decided to settle down, but that's probably an unfair generalization.
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2022.01.29 10:48 Zack_4784 Looking for GOOD players to grind Mortis with

If your interested Dm me
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2022.01.29 10:48 JJMED27 AYO I found their base! I think that's mod worthy🤔👀😗 Not that I'm asking 'cause that'd be against Da rulez 😗

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2022.01.29 10:48 FlightWolf23949 I’ve been so obsessed with these stamps lately 😍

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2022.01.29 10:48 BurgerAndShake Touchless Carwash Offers a Subscription?

Anyone know of a touchless carwash in Guelph that offers a monthly or annual subscription?
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2022.01.29 10:48 Amberbraxtonphoto Short Eared Owl (I think)

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2022.01.29 10:48 UsernameO123456789 Need ideas to Gucci-fi my full size

Gots a full-size in FDE and need some ideas on how to Gucci-fi it. I already have the light and optic covered and now need cerakote/slide cuts/whatever ideas.
Link them pics if you have them. Thanks!!
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2022.01.29 10:48 Sigsujin Trying a new style of tattoos. Everybody want big pieces, more complex and stuff, but cute and small tattoos are fun and can be rade too! What do you think about my last flashes? Insta : Sig.sujin

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2022.01.29 10:48 FancyPea677 Brad Pitt and George Clooney took a pay cut to ensure the film has cinema release.

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2022.01.29 10:48 Rude_Zombie_846 Plz plz plz reply, any one really get cured from this Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and night falls ever, is there really any cure in this world?😭😭😭😭😭😭

Hi friends, Ia m 28M unmarried I am porn addict since 12 years I am following no fap from last 2 months but I am facing issue mentioned above and I am getting depressed day by day because I am searching for doctors who can cure this issues but couldn't find single doctor who can treat this issues Is this issues really curable or we can get cured with no fap alone I am searching for doctors but most of them just took money and give fake treatment and in allopathy there is only sildenafil, tadalafil and SSRIs are available whos side effects are worse other then this there is no treatment available I can't trust any one now I am losing hope day by day now. can this problems get solved ever or we have to live with this for whole life😓😥😭😭😭
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2022.01.29 10:48 Fatfished Slng stake gold account. Used it for a while now with no problems. Used it today with no hassle. Taking offers.

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2022.01.29 10:48 Yoshimitsu524 Grace Expertise?

I just finished the book, I was truly addicted, great read all around! Going over it again in my head I have one nagging question.
Early on, Grace assumes that he's good at astronaut stuff because he's had thousands of hours of training. But in reality, he had no training, and his crewmates were going to do all of the astronaut stuff, he was just there to do lab science. How did Grace know what to do in all of the early on astronaut work situations? He said it's second nature and muscle memory, yet he shouldn't have this muscle memory since he was thrown on the ship skipping the astronaut training.
He has a theoretical knowledge of the EVAs and how 0G works and all of that, but he has no practical knowledge, so no muscle memory.
I get that self fulfilling confidence in a task and ignorance can go a long way, but if you've never cooked an omelet before you're not gonna be able to do it even if you believe you've done it 1,000 times, it just requires practical experience you'd find you don't have when you get subpar results.
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2022.01.29 10:48 Holkeriz Minä🤯irl

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2022.01.29 10:48 Beneficial_Hope_2008 Is collegetown usually this slippery?

Damn like is it ever salted or can I count on busting my ass a couple times this semester..
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