You just cant

2022.01.29 09:47 ig1387 You just cant

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2022.01.29 09:47 DasBauHans Helikon Tex Patriot Fleece size?

Hey everyone. I got some Helikon pieces already, among others the Urban Tactical Pants and the Pilgrim Anorak. Usually I wear X-Large, but with the Pilgrim, I could’ve choosen Large just as well (maybe should have). And here’s my question – does the same thing apply to the Patriot Fleece? Do any of you own one, and how do you feel about its size? I order them online, so I can’t try it on for size before buying…
Thanks for your help, and cheers from Copenhagen!
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2022.01.29 09:47 Foodog100 PixelStix - Working with Nano to solve real problems in the art world.

With the Crypto art space currently filled with endless NFTs, it's nice to see someone trying to solve the issue of how an artist can be paid in the real world for their work.
PixelStick a new start up has made the post,
A (Re)Introduction To PixelStix And What We're Doing With Nano
Explaining how Nano and its use case of feeless microtransactions can solve the issue of monetization of artworks at any payment level no matter how little an artist might receive for their work.
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2022.01.29 09:47 hellfire103 How to disable disk in systemd?

Every time I boot up my computer, it makes me wait for 2 minutes 30 seconds while it tries to find a disk that no-longer exists. The partition it looks for was present when I had a dual-boot setup, but I deleted it.
I tried systemctl disable dev-disk-by\x2duuid-25e5c73d\x2d3f9e\x2d4bca\x2da531\x2d5787b6b3c4ab.device, but it said that the unit file did not exist.
Can anyone help?
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2022.01.29 09:47 throwaway657704 Do I ask her out :/

So, I'll get right to it. I have this best friend who I've known for 5 or so years and I have the biggest crush on her but I'm too wimp to say anything. Mostly because we've always insisted we're "platonic soulmates" and that makes me like... Okay I guess! We "flirt" with each other and tell each other everything and we've planned to move in together after school and she says things like "if I get a boyfriend he'll have to be okay with me loving you more than him" but like. I don't know. Should I ask her to date or not... I feel like "platonic soulmates" is a funny trope with "useless lesbian" memes, but she's pretty aware of how wlw will water down crushes and stuff so I'm thinking she might genuinely just feel platonic about me. What do? I'm terrified of making things awkward between us...
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2022.01.29 09:47 jacobjkeyes Small private school migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

This summer, a private school customer of mine will be migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. There are about 45 staff total.
Currently each teacher uses their email and personal Google Drive, but that's about it. They do not use Google Classroom, they don't use Hangouts for Remote learning (Zoom instead).
The students do not have and do not use Google accounts. There are no Chromebooks; only a handful of iPads that we're going to get enrolled in DEP/ASM.
The administrators use email and personal plus shared Google Drives, but again nothing beyond that. Everybody is on a Windows PC along with a handful of Macs.
I've done migrations from other systems before to Microsoft 365 but never a full Google Workspace. Any dangers or pitfalls to be wary of?
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2022.01.29 09:47 v12_GXR .

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2022.01.29 09:47 Terrible_Tutor Need help understanding the challenge system with events.

Ok so I only get the event rewards by competing the event orange banner challenges I assume right?
So I keep clearing them out, but not getting any more… if I go to upcoming challenges I see there’s 6 more in there. But says they are upcoming in 3 days, but the event is only 3 more days?
What do I do, just use up swaps or try to complete the regular weekly’s to get them to pop in sooner?
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2022.01.29 09:47 Totemadam12 bunlar aynı olabilirmi ?

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2022.01.29 09:47 lancer9999999999 Nagash

Would legions of nagash be better suited as a race pack or as a faction under vampires/Tomb kings?? What about neferata?
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2022.01.29 09:47 WalksOften One day old Marathon Plus tyres, two week old Brompton, 900 year old Rochester Castle.

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2022.01.29 09:47 BCampbellCEOofficial Co signing his ferarri

I went with my buddy to buy an Audi r8 as a co sign and the dealer said he didnt need one as my friend showed he could cover the 3gs a month, the down payment etc. He explained you dont need a co sign as long as you can show you have good credit and the ability to pay that monthly nut. The ferarri he has is about twice as much as the r8 so the nut is probably about 6gs american.
So slob couldn't afford to pay 6gs a month or pay his down payment and needed daddy to come buy it for him basically. You just started a new business, lost your showtime gig, got annihilated publicly by Ariel and now cant prove that you have earned 6gs a month in the past to afford this car?
What I'm saying is this is evidence bapa is broke or earning less than 70k a year after his rent which is really not the pain ded neer div he makes out. Am I missing something here? For reference my buddy makes about 200k gbp a year before bonuses and tax etc.
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2022.01.29 09:47 TheYorkshireHobbit Any fellow writers in the house?

Asalaamulaikum brothers and sisters,
Bit of a random, fun discussion post as I'm just a bit curious about what sort of awesome creatives we have in the ummah :)
I myself have been writer since I was probably 7 years old. It's always been a great outlet for me Alhamdulillah. I mainly write poetry of all topics, be it love, grief, spirituality, faith, philosophy and even fictional horror. Since I have an interest in filmmaking, I've also branched out into screenwriting and have planned and penned many of my own original Screenplays which I hope to produce one day In Sha Allah.
How about you guys? How long have you been writing for? What sort of forms, styles or genres do you write? :)
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2022.01.29 09:47 kaLaw0w ? > English. Ring found by girlfriend in a field 10 years ago

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2022.01.29 09:47 Anon1234Myself What the West Will Never Understand About Putin's Ukraine Obsession

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2022.01.29 09:47 ripbozo100 karma trade

not gonna upvote nsfw sorry
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2022.01.29 09:47 mr-gunther Rule #1: Create a good, decent phone that doesn’t explode.

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2022.01.29 09:47 Rayhan001 Fipi token, the next gem

Fipi is a utility token for fipi app, which have so much using. Fipi, the best platform and concept. Great future and very experienced team always working behind this project so I think this projects Will succeed. I know this project will grow in future.
Fipi currently raised a good amount private sale amount.
:#FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP
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2022.01.29 09:47 aceedgeworth Regice Raid - Adding 10

Friend Code: 7680 8594 9835
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2022.01.29 09:47 SILVERMAN1110 Pokemon Go Account LvL44 (120$) Shiny Rufflet ✨

Yellow 🟡💛 Team
Level 44 ACCOUNT (Shiny Rufflet)
Name Changeable
Handmade Account
No Warning
Over 5,86,76,000+ Xp
StarDust ⭐ 8,19,500+
(110+) Shiny✨ Pokemons
(07) Shiny+Costume ✨Pokemons (Events)
(10+) Shiny Baby Pokemons ✨
(07) Shiny Rufflet✨ (Rare Mon)
(01) Shiny Costume Pikachu✨
(01) Shiny Melmetal ✨
🔥FEST EXCLUSIVE POKEMONS🔥 💥 MEW💥 💥Meloetta💥 💥victini💥 💥Jirachi💥
(70+) Legendary Pokemons
(01) Shiny + 4* SHUNDO Pokemons ✨
(25+) Hatched Pokemons
(09+) Lucky Pokemons
(04+) Legendary+Shiny Pokemons✨
(42) Special Pokemons ( Exclusive Move)
(07+) Hundo Pokemons 4*
(13+) Shadow Pokemons
(03) Shadow+shiny Pokemons ✨
(2) Mythical + Shiny ✨ Pokemons
(03) Purified+ Shiny Pokemon✨
(24) Mythical Pokemons
Pokemon Go Account LvL44 (Shiny Rufflet)
Payment Method:
PAYPAL G&S Accepted
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2022.01.29 09:47 Ok-Curve4113 Boeing invests a further $450 million in the air taxi startup launched by Google cofounder Larry Page to develop pilotless aircraft

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2022.01.29 09:47 reject_degeneracy Body Positivity Sighted, Diet Invited

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2022.01.29 09:47 ybnbabetter Am I the only one who listens to NBA Youngboy in Stuttgart?

YB fans wya?
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2022.01.29 09:47 petar_g Overseas teachers in Scotland?

Hello! My wife and I have taught in our home country of Australia for many years and are looking to work and live in Scotland. We are in the process of applying for our GTCS registration and would like to seek some advice from others who have gone through the process.
Based on GTSC requirements, do we definitely need to seek references/leadership contacts from every school we have taught at?? Most of the schools we have worked at have had complete overhauls in leadership, so this would involve us seeking references from ex-employees who have to be acknowledged by current principals/head teachers who probably haven't ever heard of us. Is this the actual process?
Also, what evidence do you need to confirm your subject areas? My wife completed her teaching degree in Drama and Dance, but has taught English every year of her career. Can she therefore be registered as an English teacher, based on statements of service?
Also, how long does the application process generally take?
In terms of wages, do Scottish school's put overseas employees onto the 1st pay scale, or do individual schools decide?
Anything else about the overall experience?
Happy to discuss here or through private messages - thankyou in advance!
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